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March 2013

The rough edit of the Webisode is completed and the last of the effects shots needed to complete it are being done. Once the needed shots are done the edit will be finished and the webisode will be turned over to Ralph Miller (Sound Designer) and Jeadyn Conley (Composer) to be completed. We will announce when they have the finished edit in their hands


Previous NEWS

The weekend of July 21st & 22nd we completed Principal Photography on our first Webisode (Pre-Series) short! Initial editing is completed and effects work is in progress. We have pictures from the shoot here and we will post updates as we have them and finally a premier date!

The script for the 'pre series" webisode is undergoing its final rewrite and Pre-production has begun, filming will begin soon!

If you are in the Las Vegas Area (or close enough to want to travel) and would like to audition for a part, several speaking parts are still open. Please email with a picture (head and full body) and a list of acting experience. Open parts include Starfleet (Sciences) Yeoman in her 20's and a Female Admiral in her late 40's early 50's. Several (3-6) Starfleet extras will be needed as well, we would prefer local for these Extra's parts.


The  effects test footage from Supervisor Gabe Koerner is up on the Video's page


Enough of the Past! Lets keep looking to Excalibur's future!

In the mean time, we are in getting back into preproduction, As we are still paying expenses incurred with the original production, with an understanding that the economy is not the best for doing this we are asking if someone is interested or knows someone that would be interested and able to provide financial backing for the production. Even while we are obtaining backing for the project we will be start up the writing department and complete the rewrites on the current batch of scripts and move the other approved stories to their 1st drafts

Please welcome Gabriel Koerner, our new Visual Effects Supervisor. Gabe's demo reel is available on the Video page

 We need to rebuild out production team, if you are a make up artist (both effects & for the actors) know construction, (living in or near Vegas a plus but not required) Please email and volunteer.

You may have also noticed our web site address has changed, last time the startrekexcalibur.com domain came up for renewal we never received the renewal email and someone in eastern Europe (basically) stole the domain name, currently it is available for auction (we are not going to pay $70+ for something that was ours). We created the new web address of startrekexcalibur.org and have just purchased the domain of star-trek-excalibur.com. We also still have a web board that will have much of its post deleted and made available after the new web site is finished.


Thanks for coming back and we hope to be back to work soon!


Joseph Kerezmnan

Executive Producer

Star Trek Excalibur














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