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How can you help?


Do you live in the Las Vegas area (or in California, Arizona or Utah and willing to do some traveling)? Would you like to help in the preproduction and production of Star Trek Excalibur? Depending on your ability to travel (or how you would like to help) we are willing to accept volunteers from just about anywhere. Production or set construction experience helpful but not required.

Please email us at


Internship Program

One of the main reasons we are making Star Trek: Excalibur is to offer training and practical experience (at no cost) working on a production to Las Vegas area High School and College students. Many of the people involved with our show are Hollywood professionals that have graciously offered to share their knowledge with students that have a desire to work in the Motion Picture and Television industry. You do need to be involved with Film, Television or Drama courses at your school and we will need to make arrangements with your teacher(s) for you to get some kind of connection to you classes.

If you fit these criteria please send an email to for details.



Excalibur 1705 Film Productions Ltd. is a non profit 501c Corporation and there will not be any profit made by the production, all money and materials used for the production of the show is received through donations

Please contact us if you are interested in helping us produce the show and maintain the Internship program

Donations to the production can be made through Paypal using that same email address.

Our current needs

Donation of a 15,000-20,000 sqft warehouse in the Las Vegas area (or one with a very reduced rent) is our current primary need for use as studio space.

Funds to maintain this location is a close #2

Following that is funds (either direct or through Home Depot or Lowe's Gift cards) for set (re) construction.

Funds for materials to create the costumes and props (prototypes have already be made)

Lighting equipment


Some of our professional industry volunteers have already donated use of an HD camera, video and sound editing services, CG effects work, Music composition, Costume making and more.

Most of these skills will be made available in the Internship Program.